Proteinology was brought about from my insanely sweet tooth, love of baking and general healthy living lifestyle. I believe in satisfying your cravings but sometimes this leads to unhealthy choices that don’t really do your body any favours because the unhealthy alternatives are addictive and it’s easy to go overboard on them. That’s not to say you can’t have treats every now and then, life is all about balance. But protein baking can allow you to have ‘your cake and eat it too’. Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring and I hope that Proteinology proves that through it’s recipes and products.

All of the recipes and products are sugar free, gluten and wheat free and free from refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated fats and additives and are packed full of nutrition. Not only this but I love baking with protein and healthier ingredients because they tend to have less calories and you can also tailor the ingredients to your dietary requirements in terms of fats and carbohydrates. This means that they’re great for dieting or you can just eat more of them (okay… that’s the real reason!).

Why protein? Well we all need protein for our bodies to function for a start! It been proven that protein can make you feel fuller for longer, protein is essential for our bodies to function and perform at their best whether you exercise or not. It has so many functions in the body from repairing and building muscle, skin and bones. Not to mention that your body has to work harder to digest protein – therefore assisting in fat loss.

So who is Proteinology aimed at? Well, anyone! Whether you’re a gym goer who needs the protein to build muscle, just someone who is interested in healthy living and wants healthier alternatives or your average foodie who loves baking/making/trying sweet things.